Tosca Complex

What is it?

Our TOSCA COMPLEX is the key ingredient found throughout our entire line of products, the first of its kind in the hair care industry. The selection and combination of five plant extracts, one vitamin and one protein, all in various proportions, make up this innovative blend found exclusively in TOSCA STYLE products.

Our ingredients

All properties found in the TOSCA COMPLEX provide different essential benefits for healthy hair and scalp.


Restores energy and strengthens the hair. It is a tall and hardy perennial that grows in European and Asian high mountain pastures. It grows very slowly and gives its first flower after ten years. Only the root of the oldest plants that blossom is harvested.


Promotes and accelerates healing. Grown in South Africa, the Aloe Vera plant is recognized for its powerful healing, curing, moisturizing, conditioning, antibacterial and anti-irritant capabilities that have been used for over 3,500 years.


Sodium chloride (NaCl), widely known as table salt, is added to shampoos as a lathering ingredient to assure the product's viscosity or thickness. The disadvantage of this chemical is that it is an abrasive, which irritates the skin and can cause hair and scalp damage if used repeatedly.

This significant discovery was made by research laboratories more than a decade ago while developing shampoos for Tosca Style. Unfortunately, sodium chloride is present in nearly all hair products on the market, including those sold at retail and professional levels. 

All products in the Tosca Style collection are free of table salt and sodium. As a result, the other natural substances' benefits and advantages are fully present and active.