3 Easy & Gorgeous Winter Hairstyles

3 Easy & Gorgeous Winter Hairstyles

Winter has arrived, and it's time to freshen up your hairdo! With the cooler weather
comes the perfect opportunity to test out some comfortable, elegant looks that will
keep you toasty and chic all season long. Here are three stunning winter hairstyles
that will steal the show: 

The Boho Headband

This stylish look is ideal for days when you don't feel like fixing your hair. Take a broad, decorative headband, pull your hair back, and wear it over your head. The boho headband looks excellent on both short and longer hair and is an easy way to spice up your winter gear.


The Winter Bun

A timeless hairdo, the winter bun is an essential. Gently pull your hair up into a high ponytail, then twist and wrap it into a bun at the top of your head to achieve this look. You can now proceed securing the bun in place with hair pins. On chilly mornings when you want to keep your neck warm and your mane away from your face, this hairstyle is ideal. Spray a little amount of a texturizing hair spray, like the Tosca Style Texture Waxing Spray, over your bun before fastening it to give it more hold.


The Winter Braid

Creating texture and depth to your wintertime hairstyle using braids is a terrific idea. This design is certain to draw attention, whether you choose a straightforward braid down the back of your head or a more complex braided crown. To keep your ears and neck especially warm, try wearing a knitted headband or scarf over your braid. Use a small spritz of hairspray like the Tosca Style Shine Freezing Spray to assist holding the look in place and keep your braid appearing tidy and neat throughout the day.

With these three amazing winter hairstyles in your arsenal, you'll be ready to take on the cold in style!