TOSCA Style - Montreal

Tosca Research Laboratories is a proud Canadian company manufacturing and exporting the finest products for the luxury beauty salon industry.  Over 2 decades in the beauty profession, TOSCA has decided the time had come to commit to a line professionals could believe in.  TOSCA insisted on great formulations and outstanding performance as well as dedication to the salon stylist, unyielding support and a product line that stays professional. TOSCA takes the hairstylist's future to heart!

JPL International, the parent company of Tosca Style,  is a dynamic, conscious, results-oriented organization. TOSCA's ultimate goal is to research, manufacture, and market only the finest luxury hair, skin, bath and body care products in the world. TOSCA  exceed the expectations of their customers by tailoring solutions to meet their individual needs. TOSCA Research Laboratories is dedicated to the health and well being of the people they encounter, as well as the ongoing improvement of our world and our future.