What is the Number One Ingredient to AVOID Completely?

by JP Louis August 06, 2018

What is the Number One Ingredient to AVOID Completely?

What is the Number One Ingredient to AVOID Completely?



We all want a solution for our dry damaged hair and we know how hard it is to take care of it!

When going shopping for a shampoo, ingredients are key in your decision-making process. You should definitely avoid Sodium chloride. It is basically table salt. A cheap efficient alternative used as a thickener in shampoos and conditioners.


 Sodium Chloride on your hair will develop dryness and also encourage an itchy scalp. Stripping of essential moisture in your hair can be extremely irritating for your scalp and hair strands as it could make them weaker. Also note that if you are getting keratin treatments, Sodium Chloride will cancel all the effects.


Sodium Chloride is used as the main ingredient in countless shampoos. It can affect the color of your hair and dehydrate the strands.


Be careful, despite their marketing claims, many shampoos end up leaving your hair and skin dry & defenseless. They remove your acid mantle. It is a thin layer that protects against bacteria.


The idea in choosing a clean shampoo is that you want one that gently detoxifies in one wash, removes impurities without stripping hair of color or natural oils and preps your hair for conditioning! 


It was therefore imperative that TOSCA STYLE finds a way to completely eliminate this ingredient in order to create shampoos which moisturize and nourish without causing any irritation.


All shampoos within the TOSCA STYLE line do not contain any table salt, sodium chloride. As a result, the benefits and advantages of the other natural ingredients are entirely present and active.


Always read the ingredient label. A small effort makes the difference. Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!

JP Louis
JP Louis


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