by JP Louis July 19, 2016

JPL International had made an important discovery more than a decade ago while researching and developing the shampoos for its TOSCA STYLE line.

Sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt, was used in shampoos as a lathering agent and to ensure viscosity or thickness of the product. The negative aspect of this ingredient is namely that it is an abrasive which irritates the skin and can damage both hair and scalp when used frequently.

Unfortunately, almost all shampoos available on the market, including those at the retail and professional levels, contain Sodium chloride for years at that time.

It was therefore imperative that JPL International become a leader in finding a way to completely eliminate this ingredient in order to create shampoos which moisturize and nourish without causing any irritation.

Eurika! The impossible was achieved. All shampoos within the TOSCA STYLE line do not contain any table salt, sodium or sulfate. As a result, the benefits and advantages of the other natural ingredients are entirely present and active.

JP Louis
JP Louis


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